Dartmoor attractions

Local Dartmoor Attractions


Wistmans Woods

Like nothing you’ve ever seen before, Wistmans Woods is compiled of oak trees growing amongst granite boulders, located in Princetown. You may recognise them from the Harry Potter films (and various others) – Wistman's Woods are world famous! Us at Bearslake Inn, certainly think it is stunning and well worth a visit but do be aware that as an upland site the weather is prone to change quickly – so make sure to wear appropriate clothing for the woods!

Weekenders Breaks


The Ponies, a Dartmoor attraction that are almost impossible to miss. Dartmoor has been home to these majestic creatures for a very long time – for 3,500 years according to an archaeological dig. No matter how long they’ve been here the ponies certainly are the most iconic Dartmoor inhabitants and the cutest! That been said, please do not feed or pet the ponies, this is for the safety of both them and you.

The Woods


Dartmoor is the host of many settlements – which is truly incredible and a site we would recommend you see. The Grimspound Bronze Age settlement near Hookney Tor and the longhouse settlement on Hound Tor are two examples. With Grimspoud being a circular settlement with a low stone wall and the longhouses are …. Exactly what they sound like, long houses. Walking around the sites is truly a marvel, if you can we would recommend visiting the sites on a guided tour!