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🍰 Indulgent Pub Classic Afternoon Teas

Our "Pub Classics" Afternoon Tea includes a selection of delicious homemade cakes, scones and our chef's take on a classic Ploughman's Lunch as your savoury delight. Bearslake Inn's Devon Cream Tea is made only using the freshest local Devon produce.

The perfect treat after a long morning's walk across the Moors, so why not indulge yourself, relax and enjoy one of the best Cream Teas in Devon within the heart of beautiful Dartmoor. 

During the Summer Available every day between 14:30 and 16:00.  Must be pre-booked at least 12 hours before


Dartmoor Inn

Sample Menu

Hello, Dartmoor Devotees and Culinary Connoisseurs,

I'm thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you from the heart of our cherished Bearslake Inn, nestled within the stunning vistas of Dartmoor. As the spring air fills with the promise of new beginnings, we at Bearslake are excited to unveil an offering that blends tradition with a dash of our unique charm – our "Pub Classics" Afternoon Tea.

Crafted with care, love, and a keen eye for the flavours that define our region, this afternoon tea is more than just a meal; it's a journey through the rich tapestry of local culinary delights. Our menu pays homage to the timeless tradition of afternoon tea while infusing it with a distinctive Bearslake twist.

Imagine settling in for an afternoon, the ambiance of Dartmoor's unmatched beauty enveloping you, as you indulge in an array of homemade cakes and scones, each bite a sweet whisper of our dedication to craftsmanship. But we don't stop at sweets; in a nod to the hearty, soul-satisfying fare that pubs are known for, we've reimagined the classic Ploughman's Lunch as your savoury centerpiece. It's our way of celebrating the robust flavours and simple pleasures that our local produce offers.

Our Devon Cream Tea stands as a testament to our commitment to local excellence, featuring the freshest Devon produce. It's an experience designed to delight your senses, offering the perfect reprieve after a morning's exploration of the moors or simply as a treat to oneself in the pursuit of pleasure.

So, I invite you to join us for an afternoon of relaxed indulgence. Let us treat you to the best of Dartmoor's offerings, served with the warmth and hospitality that Bearslake Inn is renowned for. Pre-booking is essential to ensure an experience tailored to your enjoyment, at £21.95 per person.

I look forward to sharing this special experience with you. Here's to an afternoon steeped in tradition, taste, and the tranquil beauty of Dartmoor.

Warmest regards,

Dolton Lodge Head Chef, Bearslake Inn